Sensei Reuben Snell:  3rd Degree Black Belt

Founder & Chief Instructor of RJ Dragons Kenpo Karate

Sensei Reuben started with Goju Kai Karate in Kimberley Hyde Park in 1997 Under Sensei Simon and reached the level of yellow belt.

He then moved back to Cape Town in 1998, Sensei Reuben has been looking to study Goju Kai further and there was nothing in Tafelsig, till he came across Kenpo Karate in September 1999.

Sensei Reuben was exposed to drugs and gangsterism in his community, but he knew this was not the direction he wanted to go. From the day Sensei Reuben found Kenpo Karate, he was lead in the right direction and it is with thanks to the Kenpo Instructors for teaching him the awesome system which kept him on the straight path.

Kenpo was a life changing experience for Sensei Reuben and he was hungry to learn more. He was promoted to black belt in 2002 with so much more to learn in the style of Kenpo Karate. Many obstacles was in his way, but he always managed to find his way back.

Sensei Reuben was promoted to the 3rd Degree Black Belt in August 2019. He is also a member of the International Kenpo Karate Academies with the member number of 120496. (https://www.ikkakenpo.com/members_list.htm#third) Sensei Reuben is a new charter owner of the International Kenpo Karate Academies

Based on his experience throughout the many years, Sensei Reuben then started RJ Dragons Kenpo Karate in Delft and in Blackheath. RJ Dragons has started in June 2017 and it’s 1st Dojo opened on the 1st February 2018 with the 2nd Dojo in Blackheath following on the 30th January 2019.

He now teaches his students what was instilled in him. In doing so he imparts and teaches them discipline, morals and standards.